Panorama on the walk above Soriška planina Panorama on the walk above Soriška planina

Twelve members of Walking Group R stayed at Pri Lenart in Slovenia. This is a hotel in the foothills to the Julian Alps that specialises in walking holidays.The hotel is in a house built in 1684. On the first evening we were met by the co-owner Luka who drove us to the hotel. We had an excellent evening, enjoying both the food (cooked by the other co-owner Žana), wine and beer. The local craft beer is made by a firm called Duck.

The photographs were taken by members of the group, Luka and Žana. Click on the tabs above to see pictures and details of our walks. Clicking on the small pictures enables you to see a larger version.

The Group had a great time and very much appreciated the hospitality of Luka and Žana.