Our Journey to Å

This is a diary in pictures of our recent wonderful holiday in the Lofoten islands. The itinerary was organised by Inntravel. Click on the thumbnails to see larger pictures. (A rorbu is a fishing cabin. These have been comfortably modernised.)


We had one night in Oslo and spent the morning exploring before catching our flight to Bodø.

Oslo harbour
Vigeland's statue of Abel (1802-1829).
Statue of Abel

First evening - the ferry from Bodø to Skrova

Here are some views from the ferry. The weather and scenery speak for themselves.
From the ferry From the ferry From the ferry From the ferry

On Skrova

Skrova is a small island with a population of around 250. We spent 2 nights there. The day was spent in walking round the island, including the highest point.

Taken from the shore of Skrova. The island in the second picture is Litlmolla to the north of Skrova.
From Skrova From Skrova

Taken from the highest point on Skrova.
From Skrova From Skrova From Skrova

Transfer to Mortsund

We spent 3 nights in a rorbu at Mortsund on Vestvågøya. The pictures are the view from our rorbu, our rorbu and the view from Middagstinden, the hill behind the rorbus.
Rorbu at Mortsund Rorbu at Mortsund Rorbu at Mortsund

The ascent of Justadtinden

The next day we climbed Justadtinden (738m). The bird is a golden plover. We also had a sea eagle fly out in front of and below us when we were on our way down.

Ascent of Justadtinden Ascent of Justadtinden Ascent of Justadtinden Ascent of Justadtinden

From Eggum to Unstad

The weather was not so good the following day but we enjoyed a coastal walk. We saw more sea eagles, including a pair flying together. The second picture shows an oyster catcher.
Unstad beach Unstad beach

Transfer to Hamnøy

We moved on to a new rorbu at Hamnøy. The route took us past a charming church built in 1780. The boat is made by a local fisherman and commemorates the many fishermen lost at sea.
Church in Flakstad
We then walked from Torsfjorden over a pass to a beach at Kvalvika. Sea eagles flew again and we saw ring ouzels among the rocks.
Kvalvika Kvalvika


The rorbus at Hamnøy are on a string of islands connected by bridges across a fjord mouth. The mountain with a pointed top, which is in two of the pictures, is Olstinden and is 674 m.
Hamnoy view Hamnoy view Hamnoy view Hamnoy view


The next day we took a ferry to Vindstad and climbed to a col overlooking Kjerkfjorden. The pictures show the fjord from the ferry as well as from the col. We also walked to Bunes beach, which is dominated by a rock slab Helvetestinden (approx 600m). We were lucky to see what we believe must have been a Tengmalm's owl. The pictures Vorfjorden, Kjerkfjorden, Forsfjorden, Kjerkfjorden (from the col) and Bunesfjorden. These fjords are all linked.
Bunnesfjord Bunnesfjord Bunnesfjord Bunnesfjord Bunnesfjord

Nesland to Nusfjord

The weather was not so good so we did a coastal walk. Nusfjord is a world heritage site as a traditional fishing village.
Nusfjord Nusfjord

To the airport at Leknes

The final morning was bright and clear. Here are some pictures from our drive.
On the way to Leknes On the way to Leknes

On the rocks at Å

Yes we did reach Å, the end of the E10 (King Olav's Weg).