More detailed instructions for each walk can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate tab. Several of the walks start or finish at the Fox House bus stop. This stop is adjacent to the Longshaw Estate which has a Visitor Centre with a café.

Whirlow Brook Park to Hathersage (12km/7 miles)

Mountain Hare near Lost Lad on Derwent Edge

This walk starts at the entrance to Whirlow Brook Park (on the 272, 65 and 70 bus routes) and finishes in Hathersage on the 272 route. It passes through woodland at the start and finish, crosses moorland (Houndkirk Moor) and passes over an ancient hill fort (Carl Wark) and a rocky tor (Higger Tor).

The Millstone to The Fox House via Grindleford (8km/5 miles)

Goosander in Lathkill Dale

This walk starts at the Millstone Pub on the A6187 before it reaches Hathersage (on the 272 bus route). It descends steeply into the valley below. The walk the follows the river Derwent into Grindleford.

At Grindleford the walk climbs the wooded hill to reach the Grouse Inn. It then goes up to White Edge and follows a bridle path a short distance towards the Longshaw estate. On entering the estate it follows a track to the junction with the Fox House Inn.

There is a chance of interesting birds such as a dipper on the river section and on a good day the views from White Edge and Longshaw are stunning.

Toad's Mouth to The Fox House via Owler Tor and Grindleford (9.5km/6 miles)

Ring Ouzel near Stanage Edge

This walk starts at Toad's Mouth on the A6187 just beyond the Fox House (on the 272 bus route). It starts along the path below Burbage Rocks.

It crosses the moorland between Carl Wark and Higger Tor and goes up to Owler Tor. There is then an entertaining descent down Millstone Edge/Quarry to cross the road and enter Bole Hill.

From here it goes down to Grindleford and then enters the Longshaw estate up a path in a gully and alongside a stream.

The walk passes through the Longshaw estate to reach the bus stop by The Fox House.

Castleton to Hope via Cave Dale and Mam Tor (12km/7.5 miles)

Blue Tit in our garden

This is classic walk and one of our favourites. It starts at Castleton and goes up a rocky limestone dale. At the top of the dale it crosses over the top of Winnats pass and heads up Mam Tor.

The walk continues along the 'Great Ridge' to reach Lose Hill. The views of the Hope Valley to the right and Edale to the left are exceptional.

From Lose Hill the walk descends to Hope.

Surprise View Car Park to Fox House via Over Owler Tor and Padley Gorge (7km/4.5 miles)

Dipper in Lathkill Dale

This is a fairly short walk in two main sections.

The first section takes you over moorland with interesting rock formations and lovely views of the Hope Valley.

The second section takes you down through Padley Gorge with its ancient woodland and many waterfalls.

The walk ends by taking you up through Longshaw Estate and up to the Fox House.

Toad's Mouth to Hathersage via Stanage Edge (9.5km/6 miles)


This is a walk that takes you under one edge and along the top of another.

The walk starts by going along a path beneath Burbage Edge.

It then goes up onto Stanage Edge and walks along the top.

From Stanage Edge, theroute takes a path down and back along beneath the edge. It then passes Noth Lees Hall and crosses fields to reach Hathersage.

Bamford to Castleton via Win Hill (10km/6.5 miles)

Wood anenome

This walk is fairly short but does include a significant climb to the top of Win Hill. The views from the top of the hill are definitely worth the climb! There is a short steep part of descent but after that the route goes gently through the valley to Castleton. At the start of the walk the route follows 'The Touchstone Trail' through Bamford Mill.

Hathersage to Fox House via Carl Walk (7km/4.5 miles)

Packhorse bridge

This walk is fairly short but does include a significant amount of ascent. It takes a route up from Hathersage through a lovely valley and up onto Hathersage Moor. It then goes over the hill fort, Carl Wark and crosses the Burbage Valley. The final part of the route goes above Burbage rocks to Fox House.

Shatton to Fox House (10.5km/6.5 miles)


This walk is in two parts. The first and longer part is along the Derwent river. The second part goes up from the Derwent, through Padley Gorge and across Longshaw to the bus stop. The first part is often muddy. Various birds can be seen along the Derwent. In addition to Mallards there may be Mandarin ducks and Goosanders. We have seen Dippers many times and a Kingfisher once or twice. On the day we took the photographs we were lucky enough to see a Tree Creeper.

Fox House to Hathersage via Padley Gorge(7.5km/4.75 miles)


This walk is a relativley short and easy walk starting at Fox House, entering Longshaw and descending Padley Gorge. It then follows a track across more open ground back up to the main road. It then follows a short stretch of minor road before picking up a fottpath that goes down to Hathersage.

Castleton to Bradwell via Bradwell Moor(10.5km/5.5 miles)


This walk goes follows the Limestone Way from Castleton, nearly as far as Peak Forest, and then turns to cross Bradwell Moor. There are good views, both across past Peak Forest and then back over to Win Hill. Part of the walk follows areas where there have been both quarry working and mining.