Our recent trip to Nepal was divided into three main parts, the Annapurna trek, the Everest trek and the optional extra trip to Chitwan National Park. There is a link below for each part. In each case, clicking on the small pictures will open larger versions. It is likely that some mountains, birds and/or animals have been mis-identified. If you notice any, please let us know. Some general comments, of the sort we used to write on postcards, apply to the whole trip. The weather throughout was superb with mostly clear blue skies in the mornings, a few white clouds building up in the mountains in the afternoons and clear nights with cold temperatures. We really enjoyed the food, particularly the soups, and greatly appreciated the use of the excellent local fresh vegetables. The hospitality of the Nepalese people, and in particular our guides and porters, will long be remembered and valued. Our fellow travellers on Mountain Kingdoms' `Annapurna & Everest in Style` holiday formed a happy and varied group that contributed substantially to our enjoyment of the trip.