We had a wonderful holiday, starting in Calgary. We spent the first week on a hiking tour with a specialist company. We then hired a car and spent two days in Lake Louise, then drove to Jasper where we left the car and spent one night taking an evening wildlife tour. The next day we boarded the Rocky Mountaineer and travelled in a domed coach for two days. We spent the night between in Kamloops and finished at Vancouver. After two days in Vancouver we went by coach to Victoria on Vancouver Island. From there we took a coach and ferry to Alert Bay on Cormorant Island just off the North east coast of Vancouver Island. The next two days we went on bear watching and whale watching tours. After a free day on the island we returned to Vancouver for one night before flying home.

As will be clear from the photographs we had fantastic weather for the whole trip. One photo is missing - that is it was not taken - and it is a photograph of the cougar that crossed the road in front of the taxi on our way to Port Hardy airport. He or she was a powerful and large looking cat. We were certainly glad to be inside the taxi!

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We would like to thank our hiking tour guide, Tessa Kalkhoven, from Timberwolftours and Discover The World (Surrey) who helped us plan the trip and who did all the booking.